Doula in context

Hello there! It's been requested of me a couple of times now to finally add a blog post to this website, and what better way than to introduce myself a bit more and also give some updates along the way!? I mean, I would think by this point if you're at my website, then you put who the face is behind Oh Baby! But I'd love to have you know me a bit more and the way in which I became a doula!

My journey of exploring doula work started roughly 7 years ago before the birth of the little girl who made me an aunt for the first time! My older sister, inadvertently, introduced me to the idea of a doula when she informed me she was using one for her experience. You know when you have an itch and know it needs to be scratched? But then sometimes you just can't quite get the right angle for the itch? Doula work was just the 'angle' that I needed to itch the itch I had for many years leading up to that point of working with people. Not just any kind of people...pregnant people! So, pursue the doula career I did! I searched high and low for which certifying organization I'd like to be a part of and found that I really liked DONA International. I went to a 3-4 day long intensive training in Kansas City and connected with many other women who found themselves in the same situation I did. Not only did we connect, but many of us became long time friends after the time spent together. 

After my training I began taking on mamas and experiencing birth in multiple forms. Vaginal, cesarean, with/without medications, birth centers, hospitals and homes. All of which continually opened my eyes to the amazing world revolving around pregnancy and birth! To date, I've now attended 31 births and have thoroughly enjoyed every single one. But if someone were to ask me, "What is your favorite part, aside from the birth itself, about doing this work?" My forever answer is and always will be: "Creating relationships with people on a level that not many of us have the chance to do."  It is truly an exciting event for me to see a mom and her partner grow into a new stage of life: parenthood. Not only is a baby born in that delivery room, but parents are as well. It is truly an honor to be a part of such an incredible moment in life and witnessing new life enter this world as well as witnessing parents grow into another role in life. 

2016 has an incredible year for doula-ing! I've met many parents and babies this year, and many have become great friends that I feel so blessed to have in my life. As many of you know at this point, my family and I are expecting our own little bundle of joy coming April of 2017. With that knowledge out in the open, it has now prompted a very appropriate question from many: What will 2017 look like for me once I've introduced a 3rd kiddo into my family? So I'd like to take a minute to update you all on some transition that will be taking place for Oh Baby! after April 2017. 

As of right now, I will be closed off to taking on any births starting April of 2017 due to the start of my own maternity leave. I may take on a few births here and there beginning July of 2017, but that will be something I decide over time with having a newborn. During that time and attempting to get going with a new baby I will be transitioning into teaching birthing classes in Omaha and surrounding suburb areas! While my passion is very strong in the process of supporting families and attending their births, I have been informed of a growing need among many of my moms, both previous and current, about adding private and/or public birthing classes. With all that said, I will be doing more formal training on becoming a Certified Childbirth Educator and soon adding that to Oh Baby! Birth Services! I will continue to update all of you as time draws near for when I open up the books for starting classes and my decision on what birth doula work will look like as well! 

Thank you all for your wonderful friendships, support, and love offered during 2016 and coming into 2017. Many of you, moms/families I've served or not, have reached out and been there to give love and encouragement this year and I am so overwhelmed by the amount of joy I feel knowing so many wonderful people in my life!  I wish you all the best going into 2017!

Happy Holidays!

- Anna